Friday, October 12, 2012

Black and White

Its been a looooong looong Blog G-A-P-E. Sorry for that, AGAIN. 

So these days i am kinda liking black and white stuffs. Its kinda attracting my eyes :D 
That old and rusted feeling. Its nice. For no reason, i am so much into it. I am craving for old and vintage stuffs nowadays. 

Anyways that's a different story. So here are those accessories i bought a couple of weeks back. The Spiked Necklace and Claw clutch is bought from And the Collared Necklace from an online shopping page in FB.
Don't you think they are good? I love them. The moment i saw the spiked necklace and the claw clutch. I didn't give a second thought. It was so much attractive. So these are my recent buy. 
Ordered some more in Faballey. Will surely post them after i receive it. 
Till then, Ciao. 

Love always,


  1. I love loved the collared neckpiece
    hope to see more of you I am follwing you from Gangtok