Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Welcome Home

I bought this tribal printed dress, from a vintage shop in Shillong, Meghalaya.

Recently purchased Mango 'Adorably' perfume from Fashion and you. 

     Got this bracelet as a gift from one of my Aunt :) 

     Got this from Done By None (India). 

    Got this earring (Jhumka) from a street shop in Calcutta, India

     Ordered this Samsung camera, from Snapdeal (India)

    Floral pants from Dimapur, Nagaland.

    Floral vintage skirt - from Precious Me Love (Facebook)

    Asked my father's old jeans. (As boyfriend jeans) :P

I know, i am like out from no where today, aeh? I am so sorry, for not posting this long. I was busy, very busy, umm actually, frankly speaking i was too lethargic to do my regulars postings + i was going through some serious shit mess. So wasn't that stable to sit down and come up with a post. But today i thought of updating my blog, with some new arrival stuffs. There are some stuffs which i got around the first month of the year and some are current purchase. And i will surely try to come up with a nice outfit post, this month. I promise.  Yes i will. Hm! 

I hope you like this post. 

Would love your feedback.
Lots of love 

A La Mode 

Monday, January 07, 2013


Hello! Nice to be back after a month :)
Happy New Year :)

Photographs courtesy - Archi Bora

Top- Clone Theory Clothing
Pants- From Nagaland
Jacket - Vintage
Sunnies- Hippie Collection
Bag - Shillong
Boots - Nagaland

Have a great year ahead.
Would love your feedbacks :)
Lots of love,
A La Mode ( Asenla )

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Clone theory clothing

Hi, there.
Ordered this a week back. And here it is. My clone theory clothing, T-shirt.
Its a newly opened online shopping page in Facebook. It has some awesome unique prints and it only delivers t-shirts and vests. And yeah, they are up with there new t-shirt range with some OTT graphic prints. Which can be surely worn as a statement top. So here it is. Go to the link down here. http://www.facebook.com/CloneTheoryClothing

Bye then, till my next post.
Lotsa Love,
Asenla (A la mode)

Monday, October 29, 2012

New Addition

Hey, there! Helllooooo :)
Got my new ordered stuffs last week. But couldn't post it soon, as was busy with my cousin's wedding. Will soon post my cousin's wedding pictures too ^^

So, here are my awaited pieces, from FabAlley. The striped collar necklace and the moustache cuff. They both are one of a kind. Simple yet chic. When i first saw the moustache cuff, totally fell in love with it. It is so adorably cute. :) And, also shopped a pair of animal printed flats, super comfy. Great for a day or a night wear.
Just can't wait to pair it up all. Outfit post coming soon, heh! :)

Hope you liked this post, mainly pictures, tried something different :P

Till then,

Lots of love


xoxo :*

Friday, October 12, 2012

Black and White

Its been a looooong looong Blog G-A-P-E. Sorry for that, AGAIN. 

So these days i am kinda liking black and white stuffs. Its kinda attracting my eyes :D 
That old and rusted feeling. Its nice. For no reason, i am so much into it. I am craving for old and vintage stuffs nowadays. 

Anyways that's a different story. So here are those accessories i bought a couple of weeks back. The Spiked Necklace and Claw clutch is bought from FabAlley.com. And the Collared Necklace from an online shopping page in FB.
Don't you think they are good? I love them. The moment i saw the spiked necklace and the claw clutch. I didn't give a second thought. It was so much attractive. So these are my recent buy. 
Ordered some more in Faballey. Will surely post them after i receive it. 
Till then, Ciao. 

Love always,

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Marie Claire August Issue Review


Oh! Yes , Monsoon is here. So lets talk about something new to wear . Lets shift this old, usual, boring and so called longs and turn to more something unique and fashionable. What about jumpsuit? Yes! Jumpsuit, i know we all prefer to wear jumpsuit during winters or spring. But lets try something new this month. Like wearing a jumpsuit instead of a cocktail dress. It can be so versatile while layering on with belts or Blazer. It looks so elegant  too. And instead of wearing round cut or straight cut jackets, wear a squared-cut one,  it brings out the wide shoulder look. It will so look much better with a straight trousers that highlight the graphic form.  And now it comes to colours. We always prefer something Bright or sober during summer right? But this august here comes the burgundy, starting from Gucci, Chloe every fashion house has this colour in there collection. It lifts up your spirit. This deep in red burgundy would look gorgeous on nails, varnish that matches dark glossy lips. Oh! Yes, i know that would look super glamourous right?(Can’t wait to try it). Yeah! And this monsoon month we are all about LAAAAACCCCCEEEE. Yeah!  Lace, black, red,  white any colour of lace will let you stand out this season. Whether its a laced dress or a top or a short or a skirt....phew!(That was too long) So Lace it is this season. Now lets come to hair and makeup (i know its our Favourite part of an issue)  So, this season BLUE is the new black for the eyes. Fashion your eyes in the colour of monsoon. It gives an all new fresh look. Electric blue it is for those eyes Make your eyes look pretty this season. After this comes the hair part. Yes for this monsoon season tidal waves are the perfect styling way for the hair. Its time to let loose your hair and let the breeze style your hair. So thus, this review stops here but none the less, would oviously let you see some of the styles and fashion updates and  interviews that i loved the most , through these pictures down there. So Enjoy and hope you like my short review on this month’s issue of Marie Claire India, on Fashion and Make up.

I am so sorry for this late post of the issue. Actually i was extremely busy with my exams and preparations so couldn't spare time for my blog. So this is a short review article written on Marie Claire India august issue. Would love your response and feedback. :)
Love Always
A La Mode