Saturday, April 28, 2012

Old Memories Found

This picture was taken a year back,she is my niece, (In this picture) running around hiding from me :). This was just a sudden click but i love it so much. Her name Aien. Totally Adorable. She is the little Fashionista in the family ;)

This is my kitty Mr louie. Having his time of sleep after a very long and hectic game session with me playing. Love him to the core. Naughty, stubborn, playful but a little lazy. I so can't get enough of him :)

Just a click out side my house. That day the sun was looking beautiful behind those trees so just took a snap :) A year back.

Lol. This Camera is an old one. Found in my Dad's almirah. I loved it at the first sight i saw it. He told me the story behind it . Its history will share with you Guys some other day :) These pictures are a year back. Took lots of picture but i love this two so here it is :)

These are some of the pictures I got when i was cleaning up my lappy. And then i realise every moment in life should be captured so that when you move forward and look back to the ago days you know this little things meant a lot and still does :) It makes you feel so happy. #Oldmemoriesbringshappiness

Lots of love,
A La Mode 

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I am like so crushing on these Lomo from Diana. Can't wait to grab mine,teeheee :P. Its super handy and so lot classic. Liking its Vintage yet retro look. 
Actually i thought of buying the Diana F+ but as advised that for 'Beginners' Diana Mini is perfect for Lomography newcomers,the Diana Mini produces wonderful snapshots on 35mm film. With the flick of a little switch you can move from the retro square format to the amazing Half-Frame format, giving you the ability to shoot 72 shots on one 35mm film roll. To further enhance creative possibilities, there are Multiple and Long Exposure features, a tripod mount and a cable release attachment. So for all newcomers to lomo try out Diana Mini. This works best for the beginners. 

Its worth buying. So here are the price details and recommended lomo - online shop website.
Price- US$ 64.13 and For People in India Its INR - 3641.9544. (shipping price included)
For More Details visit

Shoots taken from Diana Mini.

The Diana Mini is the ultra-compact, petite version of the Diana F+ camera. This little queen of convenience allows you to shootsquare format or half-frame pictures using standard 35mm film – that’s 72 rectangular half-frames or 36 square images on one roll! 



The Diana Mini is such a joy to use. For people interested in photography this will be worth buying. And not only for the photography thingy it also gives an awesome and amazing fashion photographs too :)

Lots of  love,
A La Mode. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Three ways : Denim Shirt

Lace and Denim - Lace which is always pretty and stylish you can give it a more chic and casual look by pairing it up with a Denim Jacket or Shirt. How i paired my lace maxi dress with my Over-sized Levi's Denim Shirt. You can also add some accessories for a better look.

I am wearing -
Levi's Denim shirt
Lace maxi dress - Online
Shoes - online
Accessories - online
Belt - Bangkok.

Maxi skirt and Denim : Maxi skirt is so IN this spring-summer its comfy and chic too. And Denim gives it a more casual and stylish look. Paring out Maxi skirts with denim shirt or jacket with some awesome junkies brings out a perfect look for spring-summer. How i paired my Billabong maxi shirt with my denim Shirt.
P.S -- Not to forget strips are IN.

I am wearing-
Levi's Denim shirt
Billabong maxi skirt
Accessories- Online
Bag- Bangkok

Denim and High waist cotton pants: High waist cotton pants are comfy and easy to style up , you will get different and varieties of pants with various gorgeous designs and pairing them up with a cute and yet funky top and a Denim shirt or jacket really brings out the look. How i paired my leopard printed pants with a beaded top and my denim shirt.
P.S -- Be adventurous with accessories.

I am wearing-
Levi's Denim shirt
Top- Online
Pants -asos

P.S - Big chunky over-sized bags are in , they are stylish yet helpful :P

Hope this post can help you all choosing the right style :)

Lots of love,
A La Mode.