Saturday, April 28, 2012

Old Memories Found

This picture was taken a year back,she is my niece, (In this picture) running around hiding from me :). This was just a sudden click but i love it so much. Her name Aien. Totally Adorable. She is the little Fashionista in the family ;)

This is my kitty Mr louie. Having his time of sleep after a very long and hectic game session with me playing. Love him to the core. Naughty, stubborn, playful but a little lazy. I so can't get enough of him :)

Just a click out side my house. That day the sun was looking beautiful behind those trees so just took a snap :) A year back.

Lol. This Camera is an old one. Found in my Dad's almirah. I loved it at the first sight i saw it. He told me the story behind it . Its history will share with you Guys some other day :) These pictures are a year back. Took lots of picture but i love this two so here it is :)

These are some of the pictures I got when i was cleaning up my lappy. And then i realise every moment in life should be captured so that when you move forward and look back to the ago days you know this little things meant a lot and still does :) It makes you feel so happy. #Oldmemoriesbringshappiness

Lots of love,
A La Mode 


  1. woah...that camera is it! ;)

  2. U r a born photographer.....
    I've seen many of ur pics on fb too, and they all are really cool.